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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Complaining to hotels, birthdays and the Plague

I must sat that I'm highly impressed by the "official" letter to the Hilton franchise. I wrote a similar letter to Wellesley Inn & Suites (with far more complaints and ugly details) about a bad experience in Miami. After a few exchanges (one of which was me emailing again after not receiving a response), I got a two free vouchers to stay again. If Hilton has ANY customer service, they'll hook you up with at least one.

I've been on Earth for a quarter of a century. I woke up with back pain and a desire to do nothing at all (so far, mission accomplished, much to my chagrin). I've also been blessed with this year's version of the plague, aka "the flu," which crept up on me after my mini-vacation last weekend. I thought it was clearing up, but I started to feel icky again Saturday afternoon, began losing my voice at the shin dig Saturday night, and found myself unable to speak over a whisper on Sunday. And Monday. And I still sound like a broken trumpet today. How the hell does an illness come on so lightly, linger to almost nonexistence, and suddenly reappear in the form of laryngitis? At least I don't feel weak and tired today -- I only sound like total shit.

What have I learned in 25 years of living?

Procrastination is incurable.

Now, back to work.