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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Church of the Sub-Genius?

Well, with all of this DEVO talk, I thought I'd pull a little more knowledge out of my cap and expose you to it all. What does DEVO and The Church of the Sub-Genius have in common? The answer is, Mark Mothersbaugh.

Mark was and is part of Devo, and, from what I understand, Mark created this new bogus religion that is so way out there, it fits nicely there next to DEVO. "But, what is this church?",you ask. Click on the links and find out.

If you are what they call "different" --
If you think we're entering a new Dark Ages --
If you see the universe as one vast morbid sense of humor --
If you are looking for an inherently bogus religion that will condone superior degeneracy and tell you that you are "above" everyone else --
If you can help us with a donation --

Then the church of the Sub-Genius

could save your sanity!

This link is pretty good:
The Hour of Slack - mp3"You do not buy from Bob, you spend on Bob." "Bob wants the world to be destroyed properly."

And this one is funny as hell:
Pope David Meyer Crawls with Pride (extended version)