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Friday, February 18, 2005

A letter from Senator Clinton

Remember back on Jan 6th when I posted something about contacting your congress people to have them stand up and contest the results of the Presidential election?

Well, here is a response I recieved shortly after I tried to convince Sen. Clinton (via e-mail) to debate the matter and vote against ratifying the results.

The next day in a post, I mentioned how Hillary sucks or something like that because she didn't do what so many Americans asked of their pussified congress people. So, here is her chance to "speak" - A rebuttal.
I still think she sucks, though.

Dear Mr. Collings:

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding irregularities in the 2004 election, during which, unfortunately, some Americans were not given a fair opportunity to exercise their right to vote and have their vote counted. I applaud both Senator Boxer and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones for raising this issue, important to our democracy, during the Congressional certification of the 2004 electoral votes. The election of 2000 raised many questions about the accuracy and integrity of our election system. Additional questions arose during the 2004 election, deepening the concern of many people about whether we can assure the continuity of our democratic process by ensuring the consent of the governed and the acceptance of the results of the election.

Last year with several of my colleagues, I introduced legislation, The Restore Elector Confidence in Our Representative Democracy Act of 2004, to assure that each and every voter who casts a vote on an electronic voting machine is able to verify his or her vote through a paper ballot so that there is extra assurance that all votes cast are properly recorded and counted. As a nation, we should be setting the standards for electoral integrity. I will continue in this new Congress to advocate for a voter verifiable paper record for all such voters as well as for other much-needed improvements in our voting process. This is so important because few things are more sacred and important to our nation than the foundation of our democracy - the right to vote. Indeed, this year we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I hope that the entire United States Congress will use the anniversary as an opportunity for us to take a look at this landmark legislation and determine how we are going to move it into the 21st century so that it accomplishes all of the purposes for which it was intended.

I am grateful that the objections raised to the certification of the Ohio electoral vote allowed for discussion on the Senate floor of the serious issue affecting disenfranchisement of some American voters. I believe that Congress should take up these important issues this year.

However, I did not feel that the case had been made to overturn the outcome of the Ohio vote tally. Therefore, I voted to accept the Ohio count. No matter what the outcome of the 2004 election had been, I would still raise questions about the election process. The voting irregularities of the past two elections raise profound questions about our nation's belief in the equality of all Americans. Please be assured that during the 109th Congress I will continue to fight for improvement in our election process.

Again, thank you for writing. Please check my website at http://clinton.senate.gov for updates on this and other important issues being discussed before the United States Senate.

Sincerely yours,
Hillary Rodham Clinton