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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Duct Tape heals all

On my way to pick up some meds for my lovely dog Pee Wee, I ran across this finely crafted machine. It appears that the chinese delivery guy is very hard on his motor scooter. It also appears that Duct Tape is the solution to all problems.

My friend Eric will love this photo. I call him the Duct Tape Master... that is until he went all crazy and started buying new stuff - going all anti Fred Sanford on us. Until a few months ago, Eric had three frankenstein like PCs, full of improvasational fixing techniques - many using Duct Tape. He also recently advised me on the building of a "sun sheild" for my studio windows. He suggested Duct Tape. anything less would be so wrong.

But, back to the chinese delivery guy and his lovely bike. He's actually not the only one in the neighborhood using this techinique. But, his bike certainly has the most extensive use of it visible. God knows what the engine looks like. Maybe this is some ancient chinese technique. I guess anything is possible.