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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Picture Diary - iPod Brain Transplant

OK, opening this thing is more than half the battle. Every "tutorial" I've looked at says really nothing about how exactly to pop open the top of this thing. So, I spent several hours trying to open it using many different house hold items. I finally came across some small screwdrivers lying around in my studio. I had forgotten all about them. I used the smallest one I had - flat head, obviously. What you have to do is basically be able to get in between the plastic top and the metal backing to the point to where your screwdriver is down - vertical - inside the side of the ipod towards the middle, slide the screw driver slowly up towards the top corner and pop the top corner up and out. Once you get this, the rest is very easy.

Here's the original(broken HD)


The two side by side - new installed HD and the old broken piece of junk.

It's Working!!!!