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Friday, June 09, 2006

2 more rows

The screenshot below is from our online checking. I noticed these two charges earlier tonight. I found them odd since we rarely go to Rite Aid or Eckerds. I didn't even know we had Eckerds here. So I called Mary and we discovered that she lost her wallet - or someone stole it out of her bag. I called the bank and they have cancelled the card. Would love to know what the next charge would have been and their reaction to it no longer working. I also find it funny that the person headed straight to the drug store.

Apparently Wachovia will cover the charges fully even if the money is not recovered. I think this is the same with most banks. Isn't that weird? Why do they do that? They're not really that nice, are they? Also the fact that I'm paying for everyone else that the same happens to. Well, I guess I'm getting somewhat paid back now, but still.