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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Hardest Partier of the Memorial Day Weekend

Phil's post about the Amberland fest was pretty thorough, however, he failed to mention our weekend companion, The Monkey. Normally, The Monkey hangs from Wire Man on my desk, passing his days listening to me curse at my computer while pretending that he's not utterly bored by all the editorial shenanigans. I feel sorry for him sometimes -- he must lead such a boring existence.

So, to change things up a little for my little furry friend, I decided to bring him along for the ride. Lemme tell you, a monkey of his status has never seen the sights that he did this weekend. And he developed quite the taste for the Sweetwater Blue brew. So good, in fact, that we wondered whether or not he was chugging them behind our backs, seeing as those beers disappeared pretty darn quickly.