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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Contributors Are...

I was just looking around "the blog" only to notice that there are a few people missing. In fact, they have either been missing for a while or just have never posted anything. So, I have to ask, What happened? I mean, I am having fun with the blog, but where did everybody go?

The list of contributors is 8 names long, yet only 4 of the people listed are actually posting and making comments. I mean, at least make a few comments!! You are welcome to. Hell, I am allowed to post... maybe that's the problem. It's ME! I am SOOOO Sorry. I'll go then.
Fuck that! I am a retard and I love me!!! The point is that you can be funny, stupid, sad or even retarded like me and everyone here will love you for it! I swear.

The theory is this: the more ideas floating around the better! I want this place to be chaos!!!! People butting heads with conflicting ideas - showing both sides of the coin and all of the areas in between - is how we get anywhere, people. Without it, we are just infantile monkeys with a severe learning disability, playing with our pee pee's and eating our own shit! Well, I am anyway. After Monday night I can say without a doubt that I qualify as one of those "infantile monkeys with a severe learning disability". The pee pee thing, too. So, take this as a re-invite and come back!!!! Let's butt heads, and have a good time doing it! It'll sting at first, but you'll learn to love the pain after a while.