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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The rest of the story...

I have tommorow off. Repeat, mescalito has been freed from the shackles. Call off all voo-doo curses. Or not. That one is up to you. I got to work this morning, and my boss was not there. I called him up (per orders), and had this conversation.

Me: Hey, I'm here.
Him: It's about time.
Me: This is the same time I always get here.
Him: Uh-huh, Listen I need you to do some (blah blah blah)
Me: Ok. Whatever. (notice how short I am being with him)
Him: Yeah, I need to get a bunch of stuff done today, so we can take tomorrow off.
Me: Please sir, Please.
Him: Were going to take tomorrow off, I was just kidding with you guys. (bullshit)
Me: Really, that's great, really great.
Him: Also, I bought you some posters.
Me: Huh?
Him: Two phish posters, for your office.
Me: huh, huh
Him: And I was thinking...Do you like Jerry Garcia?
Me: huh huh huh
Him: Cause I was thinking about also getting you that poster they have at the hardrock cafe for your office also.
Me: I love Jerry.
Him: Good, ok, I have some things to do, I'll be in later.
Me: I love you sir.

I added the last part for effect.

Anyway. Very strange. This is like the guy who kicks the dog (me being the dog) but then gives it a treat (the posters). Interesting huh. I'm thinking of putting up a picture of him here, but I feel dirty about it. Really dirty, kinda like what I read about joe in that other post. Anyway, now I can spend some time praying for the return of the christ child tomorrow. I do hope that happens.
Christmas cheer to all, and to all a good night!

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