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Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Proof that Gravity Boy Knows His Shit...

This is an excerpt from an interview with Mark Mothersbaugh:

JereC7: Even during that interview, back in 1980, you guys were talking about a "church of De-evolution." Is that where the Church of the Sub-Genius evolved from?

Mark: You have to understand that we came from Akron, Ohio, which was one of the early spawning grounds for TV evangelism. I was always horrified by organized religion. TV evangelism took it to a whole new level. Before there was home network shopping, there was TV evangelism selling spirituality. That was pretty frightening yet hilarious at the same time. So we were transfixed by it. It made me both nauseous and erect. It was exciting yet idiotic. We had to do our own version of that. We were trying to exorcise those demons and to balance out the karma of the planet in our own small way. That's what we were trying to do.