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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Chocolate Cross minus Jesus

Russell Stover is making a new item this Easter: the chocolate cross. There's no Jesus on it, of course. That would be in bad taste.

This new item was specifically designed for the Latino community, because, they say, the latinos like their crosses so much. I was listening to this explanation on WNYC yesterday and thought, "I can't believe a company rep is saying this." I mean, not that it is untrue. Latinos around here like to sport the latest in God ware. Sporting big gold crosses, hung by super thick gold chains is what the Latino guys like to wear. So, why not eat those crosses, too? Eat, sleep, breathe, wear.... You get the logic.
Anyway, I personally think it is offensive. I mean, the crosses look nice in a pic I found just this morning, but still. And apparently they had thought about a chocolate Jesus. But they left that one idea where they found it - in their heads. I kinda wish they would have made it though. Would have been quite the topic this Easter.