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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Today is a day to throw poop

Actually everyday is. With all that is happening around the world, with the hopelessness in which most of us lead our lives - lives that will inevitably go nowhere - I have declared today Throw Poop day. If someone pisses you off, dig deep and give it to 'em. They deserve it! Why? Because they exist. That's why. And they are in your way! And no one should get in anyone's way of geting nowhere! I personnally would like to get to my nowhere place in peace. But, living amognst a bunch of retarded "latinos" who take every opportunity to blast their music, throw trash all over the fucking place, and run wild throough the streets, I am not blessed with such an opportunity.

I keep thinking about where my life is headed. And being as I am thirty years old now - going on thirty-one very very soon - and I am nowhere when it comes to starting my career as an artist, I am fearful of continuing down an endless path of meaningless dogshit - working for gallery after gallery, getting shit on by people daily. I don't want this at all!!!! And, although I tell myself I will make it, and that it's only a matter of time, how much time do I really have? The last ten years went by so quickly.

I am not asking for a pep talk. I am just posing this question out there for people to think about. I know I am a great artist;-) And I know many of you are great in many other ways that society does not make use of or value in any real way. And, I am wondering how many of you are with me in feeling this way.

With all of this political bullshit talk about growing the economy, all of the focus is on "traditional" and old minded means of making things grow and happen - focusing on numbers and job growth, and direct impact on the overall economy, the arts get left behind, because it's effects are hard to measure. Therefore, the business minded and political minded have a hard time justifying and understanding the impact of the arts and there fore decided it's expendable - a luxury. I think we need artists in office. We need more creative types leading, so that maybe they may find a way to bring about a fusion of sorts and bring priorities back to the right places. AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am going mad.