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Saturday, June 10, 2006

"I feel Happy!"

Short of getting clunked on the noggin by someone with a cart full of dead people, I'm alive and I think I shall stay that way for a little while longer. Yes, I know the rumors. But, they're not true. GB(me)has just been a little busy with his...wait for it...Art Career. Who would have thought it was possible? Not me...originally. But, yes, I am now represented by a full-fledged gallery here in the greatest city EVER. It's been about a month now that I've been with this gallery and everything seems to be going well. I'm enjoying working with my dealer - he's a great guy. And it turns out he just sold one of my pieces.

Anyway, that's the story here. Sorry I've been so absent but I really have no time between work and studio time to post like I used to. I can barely find time to post at all. But, I still mostly read the blog daily - when there is something new or gross(props to Dr bong for the pics).

...Oh hey - I almost forgot to mention that I will be having a show with two friends in Tampa in Sept. This year - at The University of Tampa. So, get ready to see some of my work(and theirs) upclose and personal.