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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anyone Know A Good Mechanic?

So, I almost died last Friday night. I was going to visit Cracklin_Rosey in Ft. Lauderdale and spend the weekend. See The Departed and a Green Lemon concert Saturday;
drive back Sunday.

Instead, I got in a horrible car accident.

I was on I-275 heading south approaching the Bradenton/Tropicana Field exits when a drunk driver hit me from behind. I have no idea how fast I was going, but I looked up and saw lights closing on me fast. Took a quick peek at the road ahead and looked back up. Now he was right on me. I can't remember if I looked at the road again, but I then saw the lights go left like he was going to pass me.

Then the weirdest thing happened: I felt him hit me.

I heard the sound of his car impacting mine; the squeal of the tires and metal crinkling. I felt the back end come loose and I lost control of the car, which started to spin, my ass swinging around to the right as the front went to the left. I looked out the passenger-side window and saw the metal and concrete divider that split the road coming right at me.

I lost it. I let loose the most guttural, charging into battle, I'm going to die scream I had, and I slammed into the divider, the passenger side of the car being pulverized in the process.

As for me, I don't have a scratch on me.

I began a personal inventory of all my parts; touching my legs and arms and chest (unlike in the movies, I never did check my balls). Everything was still where it should be.

You've never seen a happier guy get out of a wrecked car. I'm serious. I thought I was a dead man. Instead, I'm fine and about to buy a new car. I have to call the insurance adjuster back right now, in fact.

I took these pics (and some others) at this giant auto graveyard where my sad car has been taken. I would call it a final resting place, but I sense Goldy is about to be crushed and sold for scrap. Sad. She served me well.

I hope these pics give you the general idea of what happened. I'll just say this: I'm glad I'm still here to type this; and I'm really glad no one was in that passenger seat!